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We are proud to offer our community the opportunity to receive effective, affordable, naturalistic healthcare.

Floating has been proven to alleviate stress, reduce anxiety, aid in the relief of migraines, reduce inflammation, and helps to cure depression all while increasing mental clarity and focus. 


Are you an athlete looking for an effective recovery method?  Are you suffering from debilitating arthritis?  Stress, anxiety, or depression got you feeling overwhelmed? 


Come see us,

we offer the help proven to be effective! 


My name is Amber Barnes, I am the founder of Revitalize Float Spa. I am a mother of two beautiful children. I am a veteran of the US military and I am currently a professional firefighter. I have dealt with multiple health issues that almost every American deals with on a daily basis. I, myself do not like taking medications when it’s something that I can treat naturally. I have always searched for holistic ways to treat my personal conditions.  I immediately started feeling the effects of floating.  I knew it was my calling to introduce floating to my community.  I decided I was going to open my own float spa in Pooler, GA to help others experience the benefits of floating as well.

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